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2011 / 05

Jia Goang Furniture Industry Co., Ltd.--OA chairs, computer chairs, and conference chairs

Having been engaged in the production of OA chairsfor more than two decades, Jia Goang Furniture Industry Co. has already built up its image with its quality and innovative products.

An integrated office chair maker, the company handlesalmost every step of product development and production, from design, purchase of raw materials to manufacturing, quality control, and final packaging.

To secure consistent product quality, Jia Goang adopts quality materials, including metal and plates as well as plastics, which are mostly provided by prestigious suppliers in Taiwan. Besides, the company has spared no efforts upgrading manufacturing technology and management, thus gaining ISO certification in 2001.

To stay competitive, Jia Goang has kept rolling out new products to meet ever- changing global market trends, with most of its products well received by customers. It's noteworthy that one of the firm's office chairs won a gold metal in the design contest at “Furniture China 2004” and another one won a bronze metal at “Furniture China 2010”..

Recently Jia Goang unveiled an ergonomic OA chair, which features height-adjustable headrest that can also tilt backward or forward. The patented chair back consists of two specially-designed frames that are adjustable for the most comfortable position.

The company operates production plants in Taiwan and mainland China, with the plant in Taiwan having 40 employees and the China plant over 150 employees. The China plant sells 70%-80% of its products to local market and exports the remaining 20%-30% overseas, while the Taiwan plant exports 70-80% of its output and sells the remaining 20-30% domestically.

Despite unstable global economic climate, Jia Goang has still witnessed stable growth over the last several years. Currently the company ships more than NT$10 million (US$322,581) worth of office chairs per month from its plants on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, mainly to Japan, the United States and Southeast Asia.

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