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2010 / 08

Jia Goang Rolls out New Ergonomic Office Chair--One feature is the height--adjustable headrest

Having been turning out OA chairs for over two decades, Jia Goang Furniture Industry Co. has built a solid image in the international market with quality, innovative products.

Being an integrated office chair maker, the company handles every step of product development, from design, purchase of raw materials to manufacturing, quality control, and final packaging.

Steadily upgrading manufacturing technology and management has enabled the company to gain ISO certification in 2001.

To stay competitive, Jia Goang consistently rolls out new products to meet ever-changing world trend, with most of its products having gained popularity among customers due to high-quality, innovation, and user-friendly functions.

Recently Jia Goang unveiled an ergonomic OA chair, which features height-adjustable headrest that also tilts backward or forward. The patented chair back consists of two specially-designed frames that are adjustable for the most comfortable position.

Instead of using spring to balance the chair, the seat of the chair automatically balances a user, depending on weight and body shape, by tapping the principle of leverage. Also the chair is easily movable with castors.

While aggressively promoting this new chair, the maker invites inquiries and orders. (JL)

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